Reliability & Asset Management


With extensive experience ranging from Owners teams, Contractor or Consultant perspectives, the Maceng team can assist clients to optimise decisions and strategies to align with business service delivery requirements. Improved team outcomes will be facilitated at both operational and strategic asset management planning levels of the decision making hierarchy, supporting business unit policies and strategies. A range of approaches consistent with AS ISO 55001 Asset Management System Requirements can be offered, and when combined with team knowledge of the site facilities, will assist the client deliver asset solutions that maximise value to the business.


Maceng are experienced at identifying and eliminating operational losses due to equipment reliability issues. We can audit your business and identify your high cost or high risk plant, and put strategies in place to reduce downtime and maximise production. Maceng have access to specialists in all types of equipment and operations, and we can develop a program to optimise existing plant or to efficiently utilise capital to gain the greatest return on investment.

We can undertake various analyses, including vibration analysis and thermal imaging to diagnose and eliminate operational problems. We can conduct detailed root cause analysis of significant recurring or one-off failures of equipment.

Image Credit: Cormac Chambers