• Engineering Survey: Topographic survey, digital terrain modelling, surface comparison, audit surveys, section extraction, contouring, deformation monitoring, construction quantities and as-constructed surveys
  • Mine Surveying: Drilling programmes, exploration, ore body reconciliation, excavation control and surface modelling
  • Property: Planning applications and mine leases
  • Construction Set-Out: Earthworks, concrete, steel erection, fabrication checks, bolt arrays, verticality checks, mechanical alignment and piling
  • Aerial Survey: Aerial mapping by unmanned or manned aircraft.  Photography, photogrammetry, and 3D imaging
  • Hydrographic Surveying: Bathymetry, harbours, ports and waterways, dredging control and volumes, sedimentation monitoring and marine piling.

Maceng can arrange for a wide array of highly professional surveying services mine to enable good decision making and positive enhancement of your project delivery.

Maceng can arrange for laser scanning surveys of brownfield facilities, to enable precise measurement of existing structures, piping, and equipment. This can usually be done without the need to undertake any work at heights or in hazardous areas, thus eliminating the hazards associated with site measurement.

Maceng also has access to a remotely operated survey boat, which can conduct underwater survey of tailings ponds, waterways, harbours and the like. This is particularly useful in contaminated or hazardous bodies of water. The boat is fitted with depth sounding equipment and GPS, and can produce a full bathymetric survey. It is remotely operated from shore, and has 4 hours battery life, so extensive surveys can be undertaken quickly.

Whether it be engineering surveying, mine surveying, property surveying, construction set out or hydrographic surveying, Maceng can provide you one easy point of contact for all of your surveying and mapping requirements.

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