Process Safety & Incident Investigations


Cam MacDiarmid is an experienced HAZOP leader, highly trained and experienced in root cause analysis and incident investigation. Maceng can undertake safety in design reviews of new project designs or brownfield plant modifications. We will organise the meetings, conduct preparatory design reviews, facilitate and document the reviews and provide follow up on execution of the agreed action items.

We can also audit compliance with process safety systems, management of change and other risk control systems. Further to this, Maceng can develop the clients in-house capability, including writing procedures for HAZOPs, Management of Change or other risk management processes.


Relatively minor incidents or accidents can be warnings of far more serious events. It is vital that organisations identify and learn from all incidents as they strive to constantly improve safety performance.

It is imperative that incidents are rigorously investigated by competent personnel without bias. All too frequently, operations or maintenance personnel are too close to be objective when investigating incidents in their own areas.

The Maceng team has extensive experience facilitating incident investigations.

Maceng can provide a rigorous, efficient and cost effective investigation which can identify all the root causes and assess all the potential outcomes. We can provide a systematic and rigorous review of evidence, witness statements and process data, and can facilitate investigation meetings and complete the investigation reports. We will provide recommendations of improvements for consideration by the client and we have the capacity to progress these improvements through design and/or implementation.

Safety is the most important aspect of any operation. Operations can carry substantial risks to personnel, the business, and the general public, unless those risks are identified, controlled, and monitored at every stage of the plant lifecycle.  Some of the greatest risks are introduced when changes are made to existing plants, when new equipment or procedures are installed. 

It is crucial that all changes are reviewed to identify whether any new hazards are introduced, especially in the case of abnormal operational circumstances. Maceng has extensive experience in review of design, maintenance activity and operational change, to ensure that your plant is operating at the safest possible level at all times.


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